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Joined October 2007
Banned November 2016

smurfy was a user and Gold Member on Facepunch, and is also the founder and admin of Wikipunch. He also founded the original Facepunch Wiki.

He was well-known for his Facepunch journalism and puns/jokes in titles of Sensationalist Headlines threads.

Sensationalist Headlines Double Post

Around fall 2012 in the thread "China postpones ceremony to mark 40 years of relations with Japan due to anti-Japan protests", the thread was derailed when Emperor Scorpious double posted. When you reply to a thread after you've replied once already, the posts merge in to one. A double post appearing was obviously a sight to behold.

Quickly after, Smurfy made a video mimicking a BBC news report, which he edited in to the OP. Quickly after that, ThePinkPanzer created a news thread using the video and a screenshot of the double post as a source. It was locked shortly, with many users that posted in the thread being banned for posting in a troll thread.

Toxx and Subsequent Permaban

On 17 February 2016, smurfy boldly made a toxx to the 2016 US Election. He was permabanned on 8 November 2016 as a result.[1]

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