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News puns are common to In The News Node and Sensationalist Headlines. At several points they have been made bannable, but current SH rules permit "shitty puns," as well as Austin Powers puns.

Austin Powers pun

Image used for Austin puns.

Sometimes news puns are accompanied by an image of Austin Powers. The first Austin Powers pun was made on July 23, 2009 by DoctorBerry in a thread about a drunk man who stuck two hammers up his ass.[1] DoctorBerry observed that he must have been "hammered," and posted the image. The next four pages of the thread were made up entirely of Austin Powers puns, before ventilated arrived and threatened to permaban further punsters for meme shit.

After this incident, In The News rules were amended, stating that anyone who posted the image would "lose their mojo for some time."[2]

To celebrate April Fools' Day, Hezzy declared that March 31 to April 7, 2010 was Mojo Week, for which Austin puns would not be bannable, and he "encouraged" them.[3]

Michael Jackson/Moonwalk pun

On the 28th of April, 2012, user Echo78 posted a thread in Sensationalist Headlines titled: Man forced to moonwalk at gun point.[4]

The OP linked to an article by the Huffington Post about a man who was forced to Moonwalk at gunpoint.[5]

Shortly after, user Dippeggs posted: "That felon should really look at the man in the mirror." Which got him banned by Dav0r for 3 days,[6] which was extended to 7 days shortly after for "Being an idiot." after posting: "I like a good thriller."[7] in response to Rents's comment about how if you're going to stick a gun in someone's face it might as well be funny.[8]

The puns continued for the rest of the thread, which caused the Moderators to continue banning people, causing the entire thread to be derailed.[9][10]

After 4 full pages of non-stop puns and comments about the bans, the Moderators decided to re-add the "No puns" rule, until they became "legal" again.[11]

This thread is also notable for being nominated for Thread of the Year 2012.