I Played Oblivion Blacked-Out Drunk

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I Played Oblivion Blacked-Out Drunk was a thread created by joecool on October 23rd, 2008 featuring the aftermath of joecool's night drinking alcohol in Tokyo, featuring what happened to his The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion saves. [1]


The thread features the consequences of playing 3 hours and 54 minutes of Oblivion while blacked out drunk. His shenaniguns included naming weapons to "fcuk you UP!", murdering 131 people, assaulting 65 people, stealing 198 items, and stealing 1 horse. He earned a bounty of 99575 coins and an infamy of 140 points. The thread is full of images of corpses lying in the streets of various locations and wine bottles in a pile.



The thread was bumped several times in the years following it's creation, and is still being bumped today. The thread is linked in various blogs, social networking sites, and the popular forum reddit.[2]


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